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The IDEA Comic Book Project is a collaboration of young visual artists from Camden, NJ with the goal of designing comic books that combine their stories and art work, and gives expression to the joys and sorrows of their everyday lives.  They, in-turn, use these stories to educate the next generation of youth on the issues that affect them.  It also gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their creative skills, gain more confidence, and sharpen their ability to focus and learn about, and understand lifestyles that promote health and emotional wellness.

Check out the Comic Book Below

Below is an example of what creative youth can accomplish.  We were able to bring together a group of students who met for six weeks, and came up with a concept for a comic book.  They wanted to address issues such as:

  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Low-Self Esteem

While there are so many other items they wanted to tackle, it was great just seeing them jump into dialogue about the social challenges plaguing youth today.   Through their dialogue, they began writing and drawing and came up with some of the panels below.  This will always be a work in progress, as the stories will evolve; but the goal is that these stories resonate amongst the youth, as these comics give voice and highlight the continuing challenges they face.

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Watch videos of the "Process"

Become a Comic Book Sponsor

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