The IDEA / Subaru Media Lab

A Great Partnership!

Thanks to our partner Subaru Foundation of America, IDEA was funded to open up the first Subaru Media Lab in the City of Camden. Equipped with state of the art digital tools, the center will feature

A Graphic Design Studio, a TV Production Studio Setup, and a Sound Studio for music and sound production, ready for youth to energize their creative juices and splash onto the community, a new wave of creative art!

Teens between the ages of 16 o 24 are invited to utilized the studio where they can create, compose and produce their own products and projects, and learn to tell their life stories in their own words. 

Throughout their journey, students will be assisted by professional artist and technicians to learn the latest software such as The Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro for editing film and video, and Logic Pro for music production. It's an exciting venture that brings an incredible amount of hope and resources to the city, and creates a pathway for youth to express themselves and build on the passion for them to live value creative lives!

Our Media Lab Training Program


Media Arts Training

Have an eye for design? ... Digital photography, graphic design, animation, and filmmaking classes focus on visual communication

  • TV/Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Film making / Scriptwriting
  • Sound Engineering
  • Music Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Mobile App design
  • Radio Broadcasting

Drone Cinematography

Drone technology is becoming big in the business and creative community.  We've partnered with local instructors to offer this new and emerging technology.


Learn how to build a digital portfolio which can be used to highlight your work (along with your resume) and compete for work in the creative industry.  Having a polished portfolio can be key in giving perspective clients a snapshot of how your skills can help them advertise their products through your services.


Video Production

Students will learn to use video and lighting equipment to tell their own stories in their own words and ideas.


Graphic Arts

Another component of the Subaru Media Lab where students utilize digital and visual art forms to create stunning works of art.


A Diverse Team

Collaboration is key; and is one of the great attributes that an IDEA program brings - a diverse caring team!


Music Production

The amount of music production that comes from the City is huge. IDEA looks to continue that trend by offering state of the art equipment for students to learn to produce their own musical works.



Students will work with professionals in the field of acting and directing, to help them take their ideas from conception, to working stage performances.